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المدير العام
المدير العام

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مُساهمةموضوع: أعطال وصيانة تليفزيون-repair [OTHER TV]-TV-ERISSON   السبت يوليو 09, 2011 10:59 pm

Contec MRV-5166 chassis

entered with a defect - not included.
Continuity did not give details - all integers. By measuring the inductance of
the primary winding of TPI at various frequencies concluded his fault - on 100Hz - 1.3mGn, at a frequency of 10 kHz - 20mkGn.
Came up in one of the TPI 2007 TV AKAI type HL-4025B

n the application instead of STV2248X1 STV2248C many problems related to
incorrect operation of line scanning.
One of our customers sent revised scheme, which, he claims, leads to the proper
operation of the part in the scheme. Here is the original text:
"With the output resistor 49 are R237 (2K2), from a R236 (8K2) at 9 and a
diode D204 on the line transformer. R236 removed, for that STV does not need to
+9. D204 remove, instead put a resistor 27k - 39K (pick ), to adjust the phase
may be required capacity of R237 to the ground. "

Further development is required for some types of chassis, which is used
STV2248S. For example, did so by replacing the chip in 3S10, and in 11AK30 chips
work without revision ...
Added ! Mpulse

Wow this happen - to suffer with ERC - no color in Pal.
Made as described, although resistance 27-39 ohms is not picked up, and put 5.1
volt zener from R237 to the ground.
Everything went perfectly. Thanks, useful.
Added Rustam.

TV on the processor
87CK38N-3DV8 TB1254AN

No circuit has spent 4 days in tricky problem:
The device turns on, but after a short time (from minutes up to 5 seconds.)
Crashes off with blinking LED. For the next run to distort food. And the
picture and sound perfect. Horizontal and vertical pulses to arrive percent.
SDA, SCL is normal. Nothing to do with memory. It was in the overvoltage
protection circuit in 12B. The circuit has a device assembled in a few
transistors, which plays a key role Zener D818 (13V). It was a thing - a bit
has changed its characteristics. And the alarm came on 39nogu percent.

Chassis TV17.
Telly longer operated with the remote - to flash memory.

In the upper left corner there is a black spot, with increasing beam current,
it increases in size.

For a strongly contrasting picture is broken focus.

To resolve these problems, I suggest sticking a piece of iron to the site of a
failed TDKSa gluing the halves of the core TDKSa installed on the TV.

Veras WT-410-406 Shilyalis b / w to m \ with TDA8303A.
Insidious defect. Can show a good long time. With heating (and sometimes cold)
suddenly lost sound and picture. With difficulty you can catch a setup, but
shows a worse synchronization at the level of failure or it is not. Voltage,
strobes, SIOH in norme.Posle replacement TDA8303A spent half a day with no
problems. But the next day again the same. The culprit, a small circuit-Video
(on 20.21 N. M \ s). Found his feet warm, at the time of the old
ispravilos.Zamenil SMRK, together with its staffing capacity of 82 pF, and even
works without a screen, had to just completely turn out core.

Sapphire 31TB406D ch. 4UPT-31
A narrow strip of the horizontal scan is not working personnel. Prior to that,
the owner complained of intermittent propodanie Vertical, ie appearance of a
narrow strip horizontally. In his words: after the appearance of the band,
turned off the TV, was allowed to cool, then again it could work 3-5 hours.
Check the findings showed K174HA38 at 3,2,4. At the 2 output 2.7 in the
reference voltage generator is a saw (in the TV control the voltage is
regulated by the size of the frame), hence the generator within the chip works.
At 4 in the derivation of three, this is feedback from the vertical output. At
3 full withdrawal of zero, there is no trigger pulses of the generator frame
scanning, although the internal oscillator operates microseconds. Check the
oscilloscope as shown by the presence of two output saws - saw the work of the
internal oscillator, 3 output is nothing, and 4 output the same empty - there
is no output from the pulse arrival HR p-ki. It creates the false impression
that the reason somewhere in K174HA38 or around it. At this fall but also
experienced craftsmen, and I did! Replacement K174HA38 did not get anywhere,
tying it in order.
The fact is that if does not work off a cascade of personnel, the device is
locked and does not give out saws with 3 pins. This I felt certain, on the
other video processors such TZ encountered. By the way analog does not alter
this TDA8305A microsomes, it did not match output signal of staff, other
conclusions are identical.
After checking KR1021HA5 (TDA3654Q) on the stresses found too low voltage
output of 6 volts for this IC 6. Replacing the diode recharge solved the
problem. On the supply bias adjustment time frame-ki, this diode voltage filed
on 6 output TDA3654Q, under an applied stress is a consequence of his
termination and a narrow band.

anyone come in handy. It has long been trying to write some interesting flaws,
then threw it away.
Here's what's left.

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذه الصورة] [ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط] 7


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أشرف عثمان
المدير العام
المدير العام

عدد المساهمات : 2402
تاريخ التسجيل : 16/06/2010
العمر : 58

مُساهمةموضوع: رد: أعطال وصيانة تليفزيون-repair [OTHER TV]-TV-ERISSON   السبت يوليو 09, 2011 11:01 pm

LCD color mini TV 7

He entered with a defect: the creep.
After turning on TV. 2-3 minutes, as the warm-up, the image shifted to the
right to 2cm. And then - failure senhronizatsii at normal sound.
An autopsy showed that disgusting quality ration of the main module ..
After a detailed propayki entire unit, the TV is functioning properly.

Tv. MATSUI TV/DVD1410, ch. 11AK46.
Problem: Telivizor included from the start. Video and no sound, graphics, too.
Accelerating can light the picture tube - no milk Loch. Bus I2C - bilebirda.
Replacing the EEPROM has not given results. When removing the card processor
voltage control has been found defective chip capacitor (drain to a few tens of
ohms) keyboard port - the case. After replacing the capacitor of the device was
restored. The defect is not unique!

WALTHAM CT5163 ch. 11AK56

Problem: Telivizor Operate mode on / off, accompanied by a loud bang in the
dynamics in time with the relaxation, which led to the idea of
​​a defect in the channel of the VLF. When unplugging from the
IC102 TDA2822M power bus, normal operation of the device was restored.
Replacement of the VLF to nothing lead. On closer inspection, the test
identified the defective chip capacitors to trim IC102, C108/C109/C112. Have a
large leak, and when voltage is applied to leave short-circuit. If the telly a
bit "jerking" that IC102 is heated and explode, with cuts FUZE R814.
More than 20 pieces. with the same defect.

Tv. TEVION 16:9(Model overwritten) Ch. PT92W

Problem: Not out of duty room, at the start goes to the defense.
Visual inspection showed
- Very dark colors in the card CP (chain correction)
- Charred and LD02 RD20
Further detailed hotel chains check showed Wed:
-TD02 (HOT) - ks
-SD08 - loss (otgoranie feet)
-RD18 - break
-CD29 - break
-DD06 - ks (around 170th)
After replacing all defective items and high-quality TV propayki Wed earned.
However, the left side of screen strongly stretched (by about a third of the
total image). Ie Thus we get the picture that when you switch on the left side
of 4:3 image as a ratio of 16:9.
The defect was in the damper diode DD08 (BYV95), While checking for leaks or
anything not shown. Instead he was put HER307. After that, the TV will function
The initial cause of the defect - burning solder pad feet capacitor CD08

Broken Management TDA9381PS
Often found beaten statics management percent TDA9381PS ...
The behavior of the most diverse: from spontaneous jokes menu - to barely
visible glow from the screen Loch. For this year caught more than 10 boxes at
various chassis with such defects. Checks naprugu to control input, and then a
full 0 or so.
Solved the problem this way:
Consistently with the foot control is rezyuk 47-50 Ohm - throw it at all, and
the resulting gap in the solder in the base and emitter (emitter to percent)
transistor S3807.Na kolektor am applying to 5 volts (usually somewhere near the
former rezyukom ests). Now, along the base of transistor tear off buttons with
power ranging from 3.3 volt regulator vypayav rezyuk, and solder it again rezyuk
to 5 volt source. We can only pick up a few (usually a couple) rezyukov
directly on the board with buttons that were performed correctly function.
That's all. For the year of 10 boxes no refund. I wish all of whom
udachi.Mozhet help this transformation.

Curtis 2002VT ch. PC04A
Ingredients: CPU PCA84C640P/030, memory PCD8572, ULF TDA2006, KR TDA1170N, BP
TV not included. No output voltage power supply. Voltage on the contacts do not
match TDA4601 scheme. Replacing the chip did not get anywhere. Proved to be
faulty capacitors C801P 10,0 x16 and C805P 100,0 x16. (Very high ESR).

Sshneider CTV2810, ch.TV17.1
Trouble: Ray went down off the screen, then the image is transformed into a
horizontal strip. HR burned chip TDA8177F, diode rectifier power supply and
current limiting resistor in the leg 2 (13.5 V), current limiting resistor on
the leg 3 (56 B?). After the direct replacement of personnel over a minute
later burned down. After stabilization of the U at the foot of 3 to 45V screen
turned around, but with the Loch at the top (5 cm from the top). Replaced in
8172 with the 8177F model refinement 100 uF 50V capacitor between the legs 3
and 6, but leaving paraphase inputs, reduced the resistors in series with the
inputs from 22kOm to 20kOm (to get into the service menu did not work). All
returned to normal. I gave the customer waiting developments.

Falcon 54TTS-8739FS
percent. TDA9381PS/N3/3/1663
AUDIO prots.TDA7449
memory 24S08A
sound TDA7057Q
Tuner TDQ-5B6-M
frames TDA8356
HOT D2499
Vklyuchaesh duty room is in the business is transferred as soon as
image appears, it immediately goes into the duty room.
At the sound of no effect.
+ B voltage 60 volts in the duty room, working in a 115, but as soon as the
voltage is 112 V, and he cut down in the duty room, changed the capacity of B
+, and all napruga 115,
and does not change, everything is OK.
Tipavuha like, but the size of the raster image and had normal or when that
would not have thought of up to 3 volts
will be turned off.
Rewrote options of service

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذه الصورة] [ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]

"Electron" third-generation
MC-46-1, PK-46. After three or four hours of normal operation screen is colored
green, image and sound is, the image disappears after a minute. After 20
seconds after turning off the TV can work for 40 minutes, and again repeated.
Non-operating voltage at the 2nd anode is, RGB PC input - also, but with a
reduced DC component. KT3157 transistor fault in the green channel, locking the
chip in the unit K174HA33 color. And after watering it rings as normal.

Galaxies, ch. F991
After 3-4 hours of work disappear with a raster image
and sound. This resulted in disappearance of random horizontal and vertical
sync pulses from the output sinhroprotsessora TDA8185. The reason - faulty
crystal at 503 kHz with bukovkoy F. Installing cavity with the letter E has led
to a screen with a complete lack of synchronization. Since the stores did not
have the right cavity, had to reduce the nominal capacitor S603 (1.5 nF) to 10
times to increase the frequency of the generator sinhroprotsessora about 10%.
Picture and sound appeared and has not yet disappeared.


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المدير العام
المدير العام

عدد المساهمات : 2402
تاريخ التسجيل : 16/06/2010
العمر : 58

مُساهمةموضوع: رد: أعطال وصيانة تليفزيون-repair [OTHER TV]-TV-ERISSON   السبت يوليو 09, 2011 11:02 pm

LCD Samsung Le40m87bdx \ bwt \ sd01 (Chinese). Relay clicks, as time elapses
more clicks (30), then the frequency of clicks increases, and tele
vklyuchaetsya.Reshenie: on board with relay replacement for e-mail Lt. 1000mkf
10c / 4 pcs.

Roadstar CTV 565 - No display.
Ingredients: micom - M34300N4-012SP, video - TA8659AN, SMPS - STR58041, VIF -
TA8611AN, Vertical - TA8403K, Sound - TDA1013B, FBT - CF-93 222, HOT - 2SD1555.

The reason was simple - to break podstroechnika R1001 (2K) - 40-41 percent
Exercise leg. (OSD)

TV is locked. To unlock you need to press on
click "PP" on the remote three times.
To enter the service (also on the button "PP" three times and then
the menu button several times).


When zablokirovke
1. Press (PP) 3 times, then the code 3,4,5,6,7
2. Press the MENU button several times to insert a submenu SETUP.
3. choose a function (FUNCTION) and then (LOCK) and toggle the ON / OFF OFF

Jinlipu 3728 Ingredients: Processor-LC863328B; video processor-LA76810A;
HR-LA7840; Tuner-VS7-1C12-DK; on most channels a weak signal (snow), according
to the customer, c by heating the normal image can be restored. REASON-2 SMD
resistor of 180 ohms at the tuner has a bad contact beneath darkened PCB and
solder the ends loose. Necessary VYPAYAT tuner and THIN sting with a good flux
soldered these two resistors. It seems that this is a typical problem for this

Birch-37TTS601D Ch.MSh-60
Processor INA84C641NS-16B, video TDA8362A. No Vertical, sound is normal. In
this case, the cause of the defect was breaking resistor R44 (3.3 megohm).

WEST TF 2105
Chaotic include, without user input, «menu», «video» followed by auto-search
programs. +5 Rule, the remote defective, the capacitor at the input percent
270pf ispraven.Snyal shawl with a photodetector keyboard - the buttons are
clear, and the capacity 22mkf * 10V ESR call 2,7-5,1 Om.Posle replacing the
capacitor is OK.

face from the flying eepromkoy in many models. In some there is a floating
fault - then turned with a remote control, it is not the first time. This is
due to the proximity of m / c, and the kinescope, she does not like the high
field strength. A piece of copper foil glued on top m / c, and coupled with a 4
foot improves its health. But the solder to 4 feet required, or even worse.
Submitted by Losev

Electron 54TK-750 (ELECTRON 54TK-750) ch. CHANGHONG ETA-1
Not turn on, blinking LED on the front panel. The problem was zener VD816
(4.7V) in the chain of optocouplers BP. In this tester, it prozvanivatsya as
serviceable. A voltage stabilization instead of 4.7V was about 2V. Replacement
for defective solve the problem.
Sent by APC.

Continental 5151K1. With heating propodaet color SECAM. PAL is. On a cold color
is. Replacement MC44002P did not get anywhere.
17.7344 MHz quartz replacement did not get anywhere. Fail chip capacitor by 38
foot replacement MC44002P 0.1 * 25B.

Digital 21BM91 chassis CN-18EA
Ingredients: CH08TO606 (8821CSNG5BE5), 24S16, LA78040, TDA8944J.
Malfunction - Low-contrast image, as a shroud, color and sound is. On the
cathodes at 80 V, power video amplifier 115 V.
ECR checked S906 (22 * 250) - dry. After replacing the S906's OK.

TV not included. BP collected on the STK-730-080 When BP load lamp 75 Wat. all
voltages are normally going to include broken. No output voltage. I checked
again, BP and find that there is no voltage running through the R610 although
continuity sootvetsvoval par. Leaves at higher load R is dropped. Replaced all

Techno TC-2105F
ch.PAEX0159B.Sostav: 8821CPNG5UU5, 24C16, stv9302a,
HOT 1803DFH, fbt-BSC25-N1014D-R, tuner ET-5K1E-CV200K, sound TDA7496SA.
He entered with a defect: no setup [on all channels of a program], no sound
on tv and av.Defekt arose after wiping the dust wet tryapkoy.Zamenil v901
[C1815], soldered C104 [4,7 mf], tuning went. By the sound: the 7pin tda7496sa
fluctuations were naprugi, replaced faulty v731 [c1815], the sound went.
Few options: OPT-E7, OSD-10, LOGOP4-20, LOGOP3-20, LOGOP2-08, LOGOP1-FF,
LOGOP-B6, EFFECT2-27, EFFECT1-00, MODE3-1C, MODE2-78, MODE1-A5 ,
MODE0-FF, AUSTP-04, CUR STEP-02, CUR CEN-A5, OPT2-B1, MOD-40, REFP-00, FLG1-04,
FLG0-52, STAT-00, MUTT-00, V100-7F, V50-57, V25-3D, HAFC-09, AKB-00,
ABL-37.Optsii working with tv.

Sitronics STV-2107 shassiTV2KY
Do not respond to the remote, bright When the light blinks and the LED will
become dim after Stress B, P, in the normal mode when the inspection was not
LA76810 H. VCC supply to 25-foot was broken-S214 100mkf na16V

NEC CT 2051SK ch. PWT-101A
TV does not vkpyuchaetsya. If you attempt to turn the power supply squeals like
overload. K.Z and faulty detapey not detected. Pp. tr-p is integral TDKS
verified. Remains with the OS looks very even. But when the shot found inside
the oxide and breakage. Replaced the OS and all okay. By the way is narrow neck
of kin. I have two NEC 2181SK popodalos with narrow neck and all takayazhe
fault. Clearly defective model.

Changhong ch. CN9
Main - JUC7.820.365
Do not go out of standby, ie, PP is not included.
In our case, the assembly manufacturer has applied the flux of such quality
that after a few years he bought and closed the conductivity of the buttons
"Vol" and "Menu". Alcohol must be very carefully wash flux
residue from the k-board by the mounting buttons.

Sinex TV-70 521 chassis PT100 When you turn on periodically for 1-2
seconds screen goes blank. Dry capacitor SR19 1000h25 in the power supply

Sinudyne 29D6A chassis 8000 At the
cathode-ray tube cushion. Loss of condenser SL8 560nF, burned-out resistor 10
ohms RG5
The capacitor on one leg visually noticeable darkening.

General 21FT12 chassis PH-03
TDA9341-EA3M [P070718], sound - AN17823A.
No sound on TV, on AV is. Ran for service, not a firmware thing.
Trouble was in trim percent, pin31 is not in operation. Instead, it was 2,1 v
I changed both tanks C323, C324. Likely to 820p, not compete in time, flew
under the table.


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المدير العام
المدير العام

عدد المساهمات : 2402
تاريخ التسجيل : 16/06/2010
العمر : 58

مُساهمةموضوع: رد: أعطال وصيانة تليفزيون-repair [OTHER TV]-TV-ERISSON   السبت يوليو 09, 2011 11:04 pm

Clatronic CTV-577VT ch.TV2K
Vertical size is about 10cm. The problem is the resistor R304, the resistance
is increased to 900kOm instead 150kOm

SITRONICS STV2922F chassis is not defined. (Presumably
the CH-16 Kiev)

TDA8350Q personnel,
TDQ-5BG-M Tuner
5Q1265RF food.
Fault: The upper half of the screen, with virtually no distortion, no lower.
Ostsilogramma at COC as the excitation of this. Raster bit stretched in width.
The problem was the chain of EW. S426 Electrolyte for 10mkF 100. The chain
comes with the 11th through the legs of personnel rezyuki low resistance, LC
filter (in any shalt FFL) on a common point damper diodes NOTES. Prosek is
seeing "lowercase" recess at the foot of 11th

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]
[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]


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