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مُساهمةموضوع: أعطال وصيانة تليفزيون-Repair-TV-FUNAI   السبت يوليو 09, 2011 12:05 am

From experience repairing TVs FUNAI.

Funai 2000 MK3
TV not included. The power supply is normal, in-circuit the secondary circuit
is not, the transistor is faulty sewage sweep. If you disable lowercase
deflecting coils, the TV switched on. After removing the yoke of the defect was
discovered once - burned coils in place of attaching the operating system to
the bulb tube (this is the second case). After installing the new OS, I had to
adjust the mixing beams.

5-10 minutes of work, the screen turns bright green, visible line flyback. The
closure of the cathode with a heater (needs replacement tube). Out of the
situation could be powered glow through an isolation transformer, wound on a
ferrite ring. Recommendations for the production of a transformer have been
presented in the magazine "RADIO". After such modifications TV works

Funai TV2000A MKII
Within a month of repairs has received two and one SONY TV FUNAI with the same
fault, after 1-2 minutes of CRT heater circuit occurred on the modulator, in
one TV to blue to green in two (the screen lights up brightly in one color and
can be seen line flyback). In the TV SONY been deployed defense and he
disconnected. Restore normal operation failed TV by winding filament winding
more directly on core TDKS (coil has 3.75 turns, wire MGTF, secured with glue
or mastic). Heater supply must be submitted through limiting resistor of about
0.5 ohms. All three TV works fine, picture quality is not worse.

Funai TV2500A MK8.
Burn line transistor D1886.TDKS after checking was whole, but the replacement
of the transistor can be heard whistling and 6.5 kHz transistor sgoral.Prichina
again found itself in a chain of C672 4700pF SI o.h. TDKS.Na a dial capacitor
was normal, but if you disable it, strochnik run in normal mode.

2000 MK7 Funai
Periodically increases the output voltage and power supply burns R2K.V this
case, the cause may be two: 1 Q504, working in the heavy heat mode (sometimes
called as normal) and 2. R407 is changing its face value at times up to 200
kOm, and usually periodicheski.Ya me right then and drugoe.Q504 can be replaced
by KT816, if not mother tongue.


So quickly has risen in price processor R-214 does not necessarily change, but
can be "cured." To do this it must be shielded from above by placing
in a tin case (even if made from a tin can) and always soldered to
"ground" TV. The capacity of the CPU power (+5 V) must be increased
to 2000 - 4700 uF. The efficiency of the processor must be restored
immediately, but after a few days to recover and display.

periodically disappears Frame Scan. Do not depend on time, can in three minutes
after switching on, can a 30 min. When you see a horizontal band of HR chip is
strongly heated, if not shut down, the chip takes off. It is difficult to find
fault. The reason, the capacitor C-238.

after replacing the microcontroller with firmware TMP47C R-214 completely
disappeared from the screen of service information and vertical size (linear) °
slightly stretched at the top. Naturally, priority was given to most
microcontroller and a possible marriage with his installation, which only
slowed down repairs. The reason was in the personnel ms LA7830, which by an
incredible coincidence, decided to show solidarity with the processor.

Faced with an unpleasant defect in the Funai MK7: looks 100% like problemma for
Q504 in the power supply. In between breakdowns D245 (R2M 135v-180v depending
on the number of points on the body), the voltage 115 in the always overpriced
and smoothly walks. The reason, in the end turned out to be R404. His rating
was constantly changing in the range from 100 to 200 Com.

Problem: does not include a remote control remote. You can turn on the TV with
3 ...... 5 attempts. The reason: the loss of capacity S344.

After replacing the D1710 does not hold the load. In standby mode, and if you
disable row fuse I20 voltage 115V (standard). When the standard load voltage
drops to 50-60V, or even disconnecting power supply. Was: Refusal R509 - 560
instead of about 2 ohms. Traces "of burning." Please note: I
recommend instead of Q504 (2SB698) A966 set on long stalks (plus bend them into
3 mm and solder them to the adjacent R513).

The case of a private course, but it may be useful. In Funai MK7 blown line
fuse and a transistor for 115Volt, and zener R2M remained intact. The voltage
line scan (off load) was 140Volt and resistor VR205 adjustment did not change.
It turned out that burned R406 47K (not measure with a multimeter on a range of
200Kom). And could, acting out of habit and row transistor to lose (although he
did not immediately burned, and power control measurements would have issues).

When you turn on your TV via a second missing momenta lower run 27 video
processor output CXA 1213BS. When you disconnect the transistor Q219
(preliminary stage line scan) run at 27 pulses output video processor appear
again. Do not rush to change the video. The defect was in the line-winding
(interturn closure) deflection system.

No reception on the first range. The second is normal. The first thing that
comes to mind - the inclusion of the range. However, Vl included, 12V is
present. But at the entrance to the inclusion Vh is not 0 in, and a little more
- about 1 in - it is enough that the first band did not work. Was a large drain
of the transistor to turn-E range, is replaced by any low-power pnp.


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المدير العام
المدير العام

عدد المساهمات : 2402
تاريخ التسجيل : 16/06/2010
العمر : 57

مُساهمةموضوع: رد: أعطال وصيانة تليفزيون-Repair-TV-FUNAI   السبت يوليو 09, 2011 12:05 am

Funai TV1400A MK7
When you switch to standby mode network starts from 5-10 times. After warm-up
starts fine Cause: Loss of capacitance S516 (220mkfH6, 3B) in PD.

Funai 2000A MK7
TV does not switch the remote control. With the control buttons on the front of
the TV set can include, but inclusion is not the first time. The reason was the
loss of capacity C344 1000x25V. After replacing the vessel will join the TV was

In the picture on the left, fading black and white vertical stripes, about a
quarter of the image. The reason - the dry tank C260 - 1 uF. x 250 V. Replace
better uF 2.2 x 350 V.

TV not included. A very common problem in older vehicles 4-5 years. Dries
capacity in the power supply C516 220 uF 6.3 volts. It is better to replace the
220-470 microfarads at 25-35 volts.

Problem: TV on stand-by works. After switching to operating mode - turns off
after 0.5-1 sec. Reason: too high a resistance R404 (should be 100k).

2000 Funai MK10.
1) Do not turn the key transistor is intact, short secondary chains are not
observed. Cause-leakage between the K-E Q621. He controls the LED used in
2) No color, no certain management functions. The reason - bad soldering S628,
it filters 12B.

Defects, "pulling" of personnel at higher volume, brightness is
lowered. Manpower is powered by a 9V regulator, which for some reason, the
input received from the power supply of 9.5 V under the above scheme to 11V.
And all the other stresses in the normal (+ / - 0.2 !!!). Replaced all the
electrolytes in the GS at its output, in the stabilizer. It did not help. Then,
instead of 11 small diode soldered in the "what": MBR1045 (Schottky,
45V/10A). So as not to stagger slap melting. The result: up to 10.4 stabilizer
and HR remained stable at any sound. With brightness had to climb into the
service menu. We regret remembered MK7 Funai-in which on-board tube pile
podstroechnikov. And then came a brilliant idea: each of the resistors in
parallel OS R, G, B (between the emitters of the video amplifier and ground) is
sealed by another resistor to 5 times more. Brightness - the ideal color and
details, thank God, still in place. Then replace all the electrolytes on the
boards (one in three "usoh" to 10 ... 20% of rated capacity). Now,
after 5 months shows an impossibly beautiful ...

I changed two processors L7PAL-3RD, and the fault has not disappeared. Fault:
The system came with the Q621, Q106, R121, R122, C633. After replacing all of
these elements, the result - will not start from standby. No trigger pulse to
13 feet of the processor. Reason: faulty memory IC102 (24LC02BP). Although many
people say that memory is not being! P / S. So it is logical. Both devices are
powered by a single 5 volt bus. If the processor is too high a voltage was
killed, why did not die and memory? Memory and processor are included with each
bus I2C.

Brought by the malfunction was not included, (power supply) after the
restoration of the primary (the transistor, the zener diode) has worked around
day 5 after burned before. and again all over again. My friend is the same case
(transistor 3 also changed). The focus was simple in the power supply in
parallel with the transistor of the primary (collector - emitter) capacitance?
PF *? KV played a cruel joke, after replacing all OK. Most TV is not coming back
not for me, not him.

Do not run the power supply. Probit protective zener at 31B. (Standing in the
food chain Vertical). The reason for the release of his failure may be to
increase the output voltage power supply due to the periodic termination of the
zener chain management optocouplers.

After 15-20 minutes, the TV is turned off. After replacing the optocoupler
PC817, the defect was eliminated.

Funai 1400MK10
TV not included. The TV had to replace the protective zener diode for 33 volt
output transistor line scan, and the processor L7PAL-2ND.

Funai MK10 TV2100A
When the TV is in working mode at a picture (sometimes black and white), whose
quality deteriorates - channel "sails." When you switch to another
channel all happen again. A more careful inspection revealed that: 1. In manual
mode, when off scheme APCHG and view somewhat hampered by the scale settings -
normal image quality which is deteriorating, as already described, at the exit
from this mode. 2. In the automatic setting is a quick view channels without
memory. Therefore we can conclude nespranosti APCHG scheme. APCHG scheme is
part of the chip and the voltage IC301/M52340SP APCHG 4V is derived from the
chip output through a divider, and R40, R41 is fed to pin 9 of the processor
control IC101/L7PAL-3D (see diagram in "Album of schemes of foreign TV °
14 'page . 4,5,6). The capacitor C36 in the chain - is the filter capacitor,
and resistor R39 - external load on pin 1 IC IC301. The voltage on the output
was greatly understated 9/IC101 0.6 instead of 2.3 V, while the voltage at
1/IC301 even higher rate (this voltage varies with the quality settings). When
vypayke output voltage 9/IC101 the liberated area increased to 2.6 V. Hence,
the voltage is shunted APCHG chip processor IC101/L7PAL-3D. After replacing the
CPU normal operation restored the TV. The processor is out of order at
lightning discharges in the summer of 2000. It should be borne in mind that
also manifested fault circuit IC301/M52340SP (for example, interruption or
breakdown in the body of pin 1), C36 breakdown, loss of R40 and detuning
circuit L35. In conclusion, I note that in most applications instead of the
installed processor L7PAL in the position specified processor IC101 M37220M.

Funai 1400 MK8 txt
Periodically lost image, the screen dimmed, there is no volume control. Faulty
chip voltage regulator, 5 volts, the power Teletext (instead of 5 volts was 3.6
volts), which leads to false switching to display the "Window" on

Funai 2000 MK 8
Blown S3979. Delivered suffered the same fate in 2-3 seconds. Put KT838A.
Warmed more than usual. Under load (bright light plot or 150 W) power supply
voltage dropped to exit in Dej. Mode. Reason - R609 increased the nominal

The periodic disappearance of SECAM on certain channels.
LOOP T-403. Replace Conder 120 pF in the circuit (it should be inside the
loop). Core to rotate until the maximum voltage on 23noge chip.

Of duty room goes for 2 seconds and back, it seems to overload the secondary
circuits. However, not all that easy, but even more simply processor
malnourished from all your favorite Krenke firm KIA.

TV will not turn on after a long sludge off. Is in standby mode, does not go
into operational mode, after several attempts, the TV goes into operational
mode. And if you managed to run in operational mode, then a day or two of TV
works fine. During a defect in the food processor controls was 5.8 V instead of
+5 V. The fluctuations in quartz were absent or were unstable. A hair dryer to
warm the defect did not respond. Solution: replace the zener D101 5,6 In the
stabilizer bus +5 V

Very bright screen with flyback lines and dark vertical columns. Brightness
slightly adjusted. The owner said that after 4 hours of the defect gradually
disappears. The voltage on the cathodes 70 in. Supply voltage of the rectifier
with IVU split transformer is also 70. with a large variable component. Cause:
The filter capacitor rectifier IVU 5mkf 100B

The power supply does not run. Fuse and all the transistors are intact. Short
circuit in the secondary circuit is not detected. Detailed hotel review found
that there is no bias on the basis of the output transistor Q601 type 2SD734
(25V, 0,7 A, 0,6 W 250Mhz). The offset is supplied through four
series-connected resistors R620, R626, R627, R628 resistance of 56k. In my
case, one of the resistors was ragged, and one increased its resistance to
120K. The defect occurs quite often and RECORE and SAT AMSTRAD tuner and

Fault - No automatic settings on the channels - the voltage settings and
switching voltages are present. The tuner is not defective. When you manually
configure the device catches the channels and stores. But watching them is
possible only when ruler is present on the screen settings. Naturally there is
no sound. The reason - the closure of the circuit AFT. Normal resistance - 0.7
ohms. There is 0.0 ohms. Over the past week brought two phones already with
this malfunction. Both 4 years old.

In standby mode, the speakers audible high-frequency background. Problema_ a
filter capacitor power amplifier 470mf/25v (they dry out). These 2 pieces. One
is the power supply and other circuits around the amplifier.
) Lord colleagues I suggest a hitherto unknown and easily accessible way to
restore beloved master processor Funai MK-7 R-214 (a manifestation of the
defect standard). With a lighter to heat the processor (not vypaivaya) for
30-50 seconds. After cooling to include - TV is working properly. What exactly
is going on inside of Procedure can not say, but checked on more than 30
vehicles, over 1.5 years there was no repetition. Who does not believe - I
recommend to try (not than do not risk).

After replacing the R2M burns with evidence of over-supply of secondary sources.
The reason - the optocoupler in the MP. Defect model.

goes out of standby, but you can run (in the intact processor) landed output
PWR. The secret is simple banal high intake of staff. Turning off the TV turns
staffing the team are performing. When replacing AN5512 to be replaced with a
trim Conder 100mk-35v.

In the picture appeared striped "zebra" light and dark vertical
stripes and loud noises in the horizontal plane, with an interval of ~ 1-5
seconds randomly disappears and reappears color. Equally, as with the internal
tuner or from external input (AV). The values
​​of all voltages at the output of power supply is normal. At one time, had already
died, but was successfully treated by the people's way (the attachment of tin
plate in his case) "famous" processor TMP47. And suddenly there was a
fault described in a reference to "solid state" the cause. Suspicion
fell on the processor, but the result is $ 8 for his replacement turned out to
be wasted, and the fault for more than an order of magnitude cheaper: lost
capacity S635 (47mkF 160V), an output circuit 112 in the BP.

Funai TVR-1400 MK-5
In general, a nonsense: a replacement tube. After replacing the tube I turned
the machine: there was no sound in TV mode! And in AV mode the sound was. After
analyzing the scheme - understood that postamplifier sound comes in two ways:
with the channel through artful denouement to the input of the amplifier, and a
VCR unit - directly to the input of the VLF. So: looking layout processor saw
that he supports the MUTE, although in the TV menu do not! In addition, the
MUTE is supported only in TV mode. Treated all is simple: the module where
there are radio tuner and find the CL-4 connector, 8 pins from him. The first
left (when viewed from solder side) concluded fluster resistor 100 ohms 0.25W
and the other terminal to ground fluster. That's it! The sound is restored. The
device still works. Returns and claims from the owners was not.

Funai 2100A MK11
TV does not turn on, blinking standby. If the load lamp 40 watt power rail line
scan, the voltage at the power bus is 70 in the working and standby. Solution:
Replace VD681 - 6,2 V - leakage (LED backlighting is the optocoupler supply
unit), set the import Zener 6,2 V! Because domestic KS162 does not go on it the
voltage is 5 V.

Funai 2100A MK8
Problem: high brightness, sometimes even white screen, visible through the
inverse ray tracing. Reason: low voltage (200 + v) power video amplifier due to
a defective capacitor S652 (4.7 x 100 v) voltodobavki. This problem is typical
for a 100% TV of this model, because the other end of the winding for powering
TDKS S652 is connected not to the (+ 112 v) power line scan, whereas a
"circuit ground." In this connection mode "STANDBY" S652
recharged in reverse polarity across R652, R285, R286, and eventually degraded.
Out of the situation: S652 should be replaced by 1 x 250 uF v. Ground to the
negative capacitor cut with a scalpel from the conductor supply (+ 112 v) and
solder to the "Circuit Earth" piece of wire or simply fold the long
and the negative terminal of the capacitor are soldered to the nearby site,
"the circuit ground."

5 stabilizer in burned (hole card). KZ limiting zener 150V D627. Reason: excess
voltage to the PSU. Q601 replaced by BUT11AF. The need to replace the Q604 -
2SB698 all know (I replaced the KT814B), but remained a tricky problem - the
spontaneous transition from standby to work. Replacing Q603 type 2SC3198 on
KT315G resolve this problem

Not included - off guard. The reason was punched in the transistor Q552 - D2333
(output stage line scan). In this TV power supply built in FET K2056, and
differs according to the scheme of TV FUNAI 2000A MK8 which can burn half of
the TV, and the fuse is intact.


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المدير العام
المدير العام

عدد المساهمات : 2402
تاريخ التسجيل : 16/06/2010
العمر : 57

مُساهمةموضوع: رد: أعطال وصيانة تليفزيون-Repair-TV-FUNAI   السبت يوليو 09, 2011 12:06 am

Funai 2000A MK8
Faulty TV Funai 2000A MK8 is this: after turning after 5 minutes, and sometimes
even before the TV goes into standby mode, when in fact it is not stand-by mode
as CPU voltage is less than 5 volts, then after a certain period of time the TV
can spontaneously join, etc. Fault lies in the power supply. After replacing
the diode D616 performance recovered with continuity diode vypayanny quite
serviceable, but if you drop it with alcohol or acetone in a position above the
TV malfunction, the efficiency is reduced at the TV for a while, and then by
heating the TV out again in retreat. Replacing the diode has solved this problem

TV is in standby mode, as indicated by the glow of the red LED on the front.
When you turn the mode LED on the 1 - 2 seconds. goes out, then re-lit. In
standby mode all the power supply under-reported in 2 - 3 times. Tension on the
chain + B is equal to U = +48 V instead of the norm U = +115 V. Horizontal and
vertical refresh are not working. When you switch the operating mode, the voltage
on the bus + B increases to a nominal, small signal (FID) arrive at the
starting line scan. Then, because of the sharp increase in current bus + B
fires and protect the power supply goes into standby mode. To test for the
presence of short-TDKS turns or high-voltage breakdown of the installed jumper
between the base and emitter of output transistor line scan. Due to the large
turn ratio of the matching row of the transformer jumper little effect on the
pre-amp load FID. In this mode, the TV may be a long time. Output transistor
line scan will then be closed and the fluctuations in TDKS absent. If the
operating mode bus voltage + B to rise to the norms and the protection does not
work, then the fault must be sought in TDKS, or high voltage circuits. Mark
TDKS FCM20B034A. Serviceability of high voltage test continuity.

After turning off the setting does not keep channels and picture settings.
Cause: The failure of the m / c 24S01A - memory EEPROM. Driver is not needed -
just replace it.

Funai TV-2003
TV will not turn on power supply issues buzz, the output voltage power supply
is about one-tenth of normal. The defect is not ordinary is the reduction of
insulation resistance up to 150 kOhm condenser S171 (3n3 1kV) connected to a 10
foot IC7 (STR7348). After replacing the 3n9 1600v in return was not.

Monoblock FUNAI MK7
Appear on the image damping strips. Increased image brightness. Reason: C24 (1mkF
to 250V) power supply for the video amplifier.

Funai MK 6, 7, 8
Symptom - R2M pierced and ragged N20 - change them mandatory. And now that did
not sound. If R2M not broken, and the power supply module fails to start, then
measure the S-meter (a device required) electrolyte 220mkF-6, 3B. It will be
zero or thereabouts. Running is only possible with a capacity greater than 20
microfarads. This defect occurs now not less than 2SB698 (PNP 25V, 0,7 A, 0,6
W, 250Mhz), Moreover, and in MK8.

Funai 2000
defect is overheating resistance R101 and R102 cause transistor 1016 (120, 0,05
A, 0,4 W 110Mhz) plays the role of voltage of 12 V. In the continuity tester,
Go Call is normal, but the transistor is constantly working to fully open.
Change to a more powerful type A1015 (50V, 0,15 A, 0,4 W, 80Mhz) and everything
is normal.

Funai - the problem of CPU
Not a bad TV for the ratio (quality cost) a very good picture and clear can not
be compared with the above model. But here is a very expensive flaw. Out of order
processor with firmware TMP47C R214. The defect manifests itself as follows:
heating with graphic settings distorted (broken)., Then the buttons on the
front of the TV and remote control TV, stop. In rare cases, the TV can be
turned off by itself. There are craftsmen who are glued to the processor heat
sink, but it does not help. If you change the processor, then install the
firmware 514, the chip is much less out of order. If you have a TV with
teletext, then consider yourself lucky. Have you installed the processor R514.
NOTICE: You can change instead of R214-R514, but not vice versa. And about this
TV: the power unit is a transistor V698 (PNP 25V, 0,7 A, 0,6 W, 250Mhz), he too
often fails, it is better to put in his place A966 (PNP 30V, 1,5 A, 0,9 W , 120Mhz).
Yet there was no repetition.

Not included. The effect of failure of the controller. The voltage on the
controller, is understated. Faulty transistor regulator, low koefitsent gain,
although the device on Go Call OK. Replaced on KT315G result is positive. This
effect was observed on the models of MK8, MK10

I want to make some generalizations of experience
repairing many TV

SAMSUNG, FUNAI, AKAI, SHARP, SHIVAKI, ORION and other firms leaving the defect
frequency tuning, reduced (distortion) audio and failure (flashing) light in
SECAMe. We mean the case where the tuner and processor in a manner that often
happens. So all these defects are caused by poor-quality paths: on the 1st
drive in the chain adjust "AFT", a reference circuit and sound IF
loop identification SECAM, respectively. I identify three stages of failure:
1 - Start.
All of the above defects can be easily eliminated small (+ - 1 rotation) by
adjusting the corresponding contours (contour are the inscriptions on the board
or analyzing circuit TV, or, in extreme cases, the method of sample).
2 - Increasing.
Actions are the same, but the setting is not so unambiguous, it is very critical
and time (weeks, months) require repeated procedures.
3 - Chronic.
Adjusting the core units not achieved any of acceptable quality and stability
of the reception. So, probably, in all cases the fault circuit built into a
ceramic capacitor (the appearance of conductivity and change e-mail.
Permittivity dielectric and as a consequence of changes in capacitance, and
core coils [secr. № 122] probably has nothing to do with). Recommendations. At
stage 1 we can restrict adjustment of the core circuit. At the 2nd stage -
adjustment with follow-up or replacement of the circuit. At the third stage -
the replacement (repair) circuit. I repaired circuit for secretary. № 102. Fed
to circuit break out in the bottom of the condenser (cylindrical ceramic on the
protective coating). Setting the circuit to its original place and solder from
tracks mounted capacitor (CM, CT) 43 - 56 pF (with the selection I have no
problems, usually 47 or 51 pF [for f = 38 MHz] are at once). Next, adjust the
remaining core of an image or sound (with the color until I treated only by
adjusting the home circuit) and check the AFT on different channels. This
defect appears in TV, in my experience, somewhere after 3-5 years of work and
probably have more than 50% of vehicles in this class.

Actually, for many TV with pulsed power supply

In the picture appeared striped "zebra" light and dark vertical
stripes and loud noises in the horizontal plane, with an interval of ~ 1-5
seconds randomly disappears and reappears color. Equally, as with the internal
tuner or from external input (AV). The values ​​of all voltages at the output of power supply is
normal. At one time, had already died, but was successfully treated by the
people's way (the attachment of tin plate in his case) "famous"
processor TMP47. And suddenly there was a fault described in a reference to
"solid state" the cause. Suspicion fell on the processor, but the
result is $ 8 for his replacement turned out to be wasted, and the fault for
more than an order of magnitude cheaper: lost capacity S635 (47mkF 160V), an
output circuit 112 in the BP.

Funai TV2000A MK8
Not included in the duty room (fuse is intact, there is no short circuit).
Appeared in the cliff jumper JC51 chip and transistor Q604 (broken). Once
again, the whole song in MK8 associated with the supply circuit: R620, R626,
R627, R628 (better to check for fidelity.) Replaced the future and S608:

Funai TV-2000A MK8 Huper
Not included at all. Sin a chain of 4 to rezikov 56kom.No then reached percent
and its stabilizer. R101 overestimated their face value so the proce-memory
voltage was 3.4 volts. Naturally not included. Replacing the resistor to 820
ohms nominal solve the problem, exactly 5.1 volta.Televizor earned.

MK10 2100-fault is in standby mode, nothing suspicious, but if you include a
slave. mode as a result lotoreya-may be involved and maybe not. fault was in
the primary circuit B-VP at podedalnoy check anything suspicious, ... but the
culprit turned out to be a zener D607 UZ-128SB based on Q601 (2SC3866)-change
it and the TV works as expected.


FUNAI MK6 1400.
After turning off the network TV is not included. After replacing S516 TV
works well. Almost half an hour. I closed the back cover, turn on, the TV
does not work. Does not turn on I checked the diodes and transistors in the
power supply, everything is in order. Defect resistor R505. Thus S507 is not
connected. Self-stimulation does not. Recommend replacement of R505 and S507.

Video deuce

Over time, while inclusion in the working mode and then stops growing
altogether will join - is to blame Conder C08 = 100mkfH25v.Konder stands at 6
foot power micro FA5311P

Funai 2000A MK8
No Personnel Razvertki.Zamenil AN5512. Check the power supply, and all
capacitors in the C-meter trim. Found in a precipice S502 and S827 nepropay.
Eliminated. A week later, the return - failure is the same. Replaced AN5512.
ESR capacitors check trim: S507, S508, S511 - 50 ohms, although the capacity in
the normal range. Evaluated measuring ESR. [ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذه الصورة]. The desired device.

Funai TV-1400A MK-10
Recently repaired Funai, the owner brought twice.
With the words: with the heating turned off, rolling DR
For the first time revealed nothing, 2 days elektroprogona nothing. The second
time has covered TV light veil over 1.5-2 hours, was off on the rise. Such a
defect has already been mentioned, but with other symptoms.
Confirmed the strong warming in the TV off passing DR and then is not
disconnected from the network are not included. This confirms the operation of
protection under the SAFTY, 30 percent of the output leg 7PAL, check for +5
volts, the decrease in 8, 9 in, 16 in. Increase in 27. Lack of or increase in
the 180. Increases in excess of the current LA7837. If you reduce the voltage
by 30 foot SAFTY. Repair was so
1. Remove protection from voltage 8, D301, D302 5, and with power P4 D31
unsolder R17 protection still works.
2. Unsolder jumper cutting off 163 D801 D802. Protection is still working.
3. Unsolder the D575 to measure 180 volts. Ceased to operate. Fail RS120
replacement, caused by heating with increasing + V to 120 V and a weak



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